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Where to find us

Sips, Suds, & Smokes can be found on lots of media outlets. Satellite US / Canada - Sirius XM - Channel 123 as part of the PRX Remix series. No schedule. Radio Pacifica Network - 128 stations NPR - 12 stations Independant - 8 stations Online iTunes Google Podcasts iHeartradio Spotify Pandora - Coming Soon Nearly any podcast outlet

About The Show


Sips, Suds, & Smokes is now in its 6th season with plenty more ahead of them. Good ol Boy Mike is the Producer and Host of this weekly show. The idea of the show began out of simple Sat. AM listening to Car Talk. Mike was on the phone with Good ol Boy Jim and he mentioned that Car Talk was retiring. Mike panicked and wonder what would fill this vacuum of nonsense. “You know, we should have a radio show and just talk about all the things we like. Jim- Like anyone is going to listen to us sit around and talk about whiskey, beer, and cigars? Mike- yeah, that’s it. We’ll call it Sips, Suds, & Smokes.” And thus, a less than brilliant idea was born.

We decided the show needed to be more about a broad range of products and geographically diverse. So we have hosts from all over the world that record content and send it in. Not all of it makes the regular broadcast. We still can’t figure out what the Germans and Russians are saying.

Our plan was around 42 episodes per season which wraps up in Dec. We have a fantastic and timeless back catalog. Our most popular episode by far is The Derby show clocking in at a mere 9 minutes. It’s just Good ol Boy Mike talking about how to make THE Perfect Mint Julep. It could be the most exciting 9 minutes of radio talking about the most exciting 3 minutes in sports.

We talk about wine, whiskey, nearly anything distilled, tea, coffee, beer, mead, cigars, smoked meats, and more beer. We taste and rate things along with our signature and unique rating system. We have plenty of Good Belching Zones™ identified every year to help you enjoy many of these products.

There are lots of running jokes like our efforts to be banned from entire states (Alabama), entire countries (France), and offending an entire culture of people (anything British).  We have created and copyrighted the words “Barnhousey” and “Chuggling”.

We have collaboration shows with lots of other radio shows on a regular basis. Imagine an entire hour filled with fake British accents talking about Fullers beer – probably like a bad BBC show.

If you are looking for a way to kill an hour listening about Everything Good in Life is Worth Discussing, the check us out online or on this radio station.