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How many U’s in Hoosier

SUDS Episode – A destination episode featuring Indiana. Lots of great beer to discuss from 4 different breweries. Tim has lactose and mommy issues. Dave pulls out the big and complicated tasting descriptors – Corn & Fart in the Wind.

Please don’t make me chug this

SUDS Episode – Gift giving, with beer. We kick up the gift giving game of White Elephant. You can only take home the gag gift if you chug it. Seek revenge on that friend that always brings Moosehead to the bottle share.

2010 is so much better than 2011

SUDS Episode – From the cellar comes a 10 year vertical of Sierra Nevada’s Bigfoot Ale. An annual release of this Barleywine all at 9.6%. Yes you can actually buy a vertical at the Sierra Nevada Gift Shop and we even spotted one in the wild at Green’s in Atlanta. There is a beer geek friend you know that has squirreled some of this away.

Blinded by Belgian

SUDS Episode – The challenge is remove all influences about which Belgian beer is best. It’s on in this epic blind tasting of Belgian classics from Chimay and LaTrappe. Oh you may think you know, but you really don’t. We brought all the prejudice to the conversation that you would expect.

And then you shake the can

SUDS Episode – Blinded once again with beer. A blind tasting of 6 beers with a wide range of styles. The most riveting discussion of Amish produce ever captured on radio! What a fabulous way to kill an hour, with friends, that are not Amish. Something smells like ass. Could be Caperton or one of these beers.