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The Ganesh above my Christmas Tree

SIPS Episode – A few limited release whiskies on this Quick Shot episode from Ardbeg and Paul John. Our resident bourbon expert is just completely stunned. We’ve added the following professional tasting notes – “Smells like a pack of Kool’s in a campfire.”

Everything Bob said was excellent

SIPS Episode – Back by less than popular demand, the drunken leprechaun returns. Please, no further requests are needed. We force Brent to enjoy scotch from Tamdhu, Glengoyne, and Glenfarclas. Fire up the bagpipes, slap on that favorite clan tartan, prepare your favorite insults to the Brits.

Hmmm Hmmm Good

SIPS Episode – Do you know where Col Taylor started to make whiskey? The James E Pepper distillery is featured on this episode. Sazerac just temps us with drops of unicorn blood. It was cold in the cold room. Finally, we get to whiskey older than most of us. Frankly I got lost in the math, but it’s old.

We’re going about this a little different

SIPS Episode – Only we could combine Hairloss for Men and Whiskey business models. Single Cask Nation is bringing some great products to their select membership model. Meanwhile in KY, something different is going on. Wilderness Trail Distillery is bringing back the use of KY grown Rye. This has all the tongues wagging in KY.

Is it OK to eat cheese with your fingers

SIPS Episode – Classic us as we insult the entire French speaking culture. A cheese pairing show with Cheeses of Europe. We have never had so much fun with an app that can tell us how poorly we pronounce things. There should be a similar app for residents of Ottawa