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Smells like ground pork, wait that was lunch

SIPS Episode – We’re going Japanese with a Distillery takeover episode from Kurayoshi. Some of these products are recently becoming available widely worldwide. Whoever kidnapped Maury, just keep him. Post production note- no pork products for Justin.

The Ganesh above my Christmas Tree

SIPS Episode – A few limited release whiskies on this Quick Shot episode from Ardbeg and Paul John. Our resident bourbon expert is just completely stunned. We’ve added the following professional tasting notes – “Smells like a pack of Kool’s in a campfire.”

No, you’re a door

SIPS Episode –Quick shot edition of Amador whiskey. One of several wine makers that are crossing over to whiskey. These products are sourced and then finished in California wine barrels.

Why do we even need a dump bucket for this episode?

SIPS Episode – Made Man Brent thought this was our annual clothing optional episode, NOT. Wrong kind of unicorn, but this is review of the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection or BTAC for 2019 which is slightly different each release. We also are privileged to review Parker’s Heritage Collection for the first time which is a different release each year and 2019 of a Heavy Char Rye.

Everything Bob said was excellent

SIPS Episode – Back by less than popular demand, the drunken leprechaun returns. Please, no further requests are needed. We force Brent to enjoy scotch from Tamdhu, Glengoyne, and Glenfarclas. Fire up the bagpipes, slap on that favorite clan tartan, prepare your favorite insults to the Brits.