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All Aboard

SUDS Episode – Quick Shot Episode with a brewery takeover episode featuring Steamworks. Could this bring hope that there is good beer in Canada? A pilsner is a mix pack?

Smells like ground pork, wait that was lunch

SIPS Episode – We’re going Japanese with a Distillery takeover episode from Kurayoshi. Some of these products are recently becoming available widely worldwide. Whoever kidnapped Maury, just keep him. Post production note- no pork products for Justin.

The Ganesh above my Christmas Tree

SIPS Episode – A few limited release whiskies on this Quick Shot episode from Ardbeg and Paul John. Our resident bourbon expert is just completely stunned. We’ve added the following professional tasting notes – “Smells like a pack of Kool’s in a campfire.”

It’s bitter in the boot

SIPS Episode – Warm up those fake Italian accents, we are discussing a cornerstone of Italian beverages with amaro. Italy currently has the market on amaro, so we decided to have an all Italian amaro episode. These 8 products are just a small portion of the diverse amari from Italy.

Please don’t make me chug this

SUDS Episode – Gift giving, with beer. We kick up the gift giving game of White Elephant. You can only take home the gag gift if you chug it. Seek revenge on that friend that always brings Moosehead to the bottle share.